Let’s clean up the slum!

A beautiful home

The slum of Mandaue was once a shanty settlement, characterised by hopelessness and a lack of effective organisation and sanitation, making the environment unhealthy and unsafe for small children. Over the past year, we have been working on changing this by fighting one of the main issues in the slum: the vast piles of garbage dominating the streets. 

We still have a long way to go, but we firmly believe that cleaning the slum and introducing an effective waste management system is an important step in transforming the place into a beautiful and healthy community that everyone will be proud to call their home.

Cleanup drives

Sustainable change requires sustainable means, and nothing is more important in this regard than culture and community. Therefore, our goal is to create a safe haven for the children, with clean streets and public art; a slum full of optimism and wonder instead of hopelessness and despair. But before we can even begin to tackle bigger issues like the absence of a reliable water and electricity supply, we must first fix the core infrastructure in the slum city. As we say here at Hay Nako: You must clean before you can cleanse!

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. And that feeling has an impact.

Once a month, the Hay Nako kids and volunteers do a cleanup drive together to clean up a little corner of the slum, one tiny spot at a time. It is a slow process, but it works! However, the lack of an operational waste disposal system is a major challenge. When the inhabitants have nowhere to locate their garbage, they too often throw it on the streets – or even worse: they burn it, right next to the children, so that the kids inhale toxic fumes and particles from plastic and other synthetic materials.


How you can help us

We need $9,000 to establish a permanent waste management system for the entire slum, and an additional $4,500 to relocate approximately 2.000 tons of garbage from the streets to a recycling centre. The money will be spent on:

  • local contractors to relocate the majority of the street trash
  • 30 movable trash bins
  • 2 permanent scrap containers
  • Administrative cost to secure government funded waste collection.

If you want to help us create a beautiful home for the children of Mandaue, and help protect them from toxic fumes and plastic particles from burned trash, there is a way you can help. By donating even a little amount, you help us move one step closer to our goal: a safe, clean and wonderful place where street- and slum kids alike can live, laugh, learn and grow!


Let's clean up the slum!
Clean slum 16%
Let’s clean up the slum!

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